Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December Prayer Focus

PLEASE PRAY  CPC humbly requests that you pray for the following:

NURSE MANAGER POSITION  As we move toward converting our Virginia Beach center into a medical clinic, we are seeking to hire a Registered Nurse to serve in the role of clinic manager. Please pray for this individual.

SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE WEEK  We are preparing for Sanctity of Human Life week in January. This is a special time to come together as the body of Christ to recognize the value and sanctity of human life. Please pray:
• for God to use SOHL to open more hearts to CPC’s ministry
• for people to accept and respond to the value and sanctity of human life
• for a renewed effort to defend life, providing a voice for the voiceless

THE SOURCE OF GREAT JOY  Please pray for our clients to relinquish their fears and anxieties and seek the good news of our Savior, Jesus Christ – the ultimate source of great joy.


Their names* & due dates are listed below.
*Some of the names have been changed to protect the identities of our clients.

Danielle 1
Lynn 1
Adrienne 2
Marian 2
Cassandra 2
Alyssa 2
Ashley 3
Tiara 3
Christina 3
Meka 4
Karen 5
Sha 5
Brie 5
Ashley 5
Frances 5
Laura 7
Frieda 7
Margo 8
Shamicka 8
Sandra 9
Shannon 9
Rebecca 9
Jade 10
Demetria 10
Brittney 10
Trinity 10
Rasha 10
Candace 10
Mikki 11
Danielle 11
Randi 11
May 12
Courtney 12
Latoya 12
Marquett 13
Valerie 13
Paige 13
Sonya 13
Cindy 14
Mirriam 15
Shanita 15
Cymone 15
Kim 15
Shanta 15
Tasha 16
Brittney 17
Nicole 17
Jennifer 17
Cindy 17
Toni 18
Breanna 19
Annette 19
Megin 19
Kelly 19
Whitney 19
Janise 19
Tricia 19
Crystal 20
Kelly 20
Jaxmyn 20
Tonia 20
Monica 20
April 20
Sheena 20
Mercedes 20
Angela 20
Tasha 20
Shira 21
Shelby 21
Jessica 22
Ashley 23
Ashley 23
Jimtra 24
Barbara 24
Tiffany 24
Jessica 24
Erica 24
Tamara 24
Jennifer 25
Victoria 25
Rachael 25
Dasha 25
Amanda 25
Lana 26
Tatum 26
Chanel 27
Liz 27
Holly 27
Tiffany 27
Ava 27
Michelle 28
Nancy 28
Marilyn 28
Frances 28
Ida 29
Monique 29
Jada 29
Tanya 29
Tiffany 30
Bianca 30
Lauren 30
Yolena 30
Heather 30
Christina 31
Shonda 31

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight on SIDRA CRUNDEN, serving with our Development Team

Sidra received the support of her family when she decided to devote her time to volunteering with CPC about two years ago. After attending the annual benefit banquet, Sidra knew she had to get involved. She has since transported Great Expectations materials from Virginia Beach to Norfolk; and worked with the Development Team as the special assistant for each of the Walk for Life events, The President’s Club Celebration and, most recently, during An Evening with Rebecca St. James and the Silver Anniversary Benefit Banquet. Her involvement as the special assistant for the Walk and Rebecca St. James events took her very much above and beyond, requiring her well-developed organizational skills, analytical thinking, and the ability to be inventive, personable, and multi-task. Sidra is great at anticipating a need and fulfilling it. She is a huge asset to our ministry. We are blessed Sidra came our way!

Do you want to get involved?  Here's how!
CONTACT Angie Freeman • afreeman@cpcot.org • 757.410.9703

Weekday and Saturday shifts available:
Client Advocates
Registered Nurses
Keim Center Receptionists
Call Center Advocates
Registered Sonographer

Weekday shifts available:
Administrative Office Receptionists

Portsmouth Center Opportunity:
Groups or individuals to maintain the lawn and flower beds

Volunteer Training Dates
Tuesday, November 9
Contact Angie Freeman to sign up!