Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Prayer Focus

PLEASE PRAY   CPC humbly requests your prayers for:

NEW VIRGINIA BEACH MEDICAL CLINIC   Things are moving quickly as we prepare to open our medical clinic in Virginia Beach, and we need your prayers now more than ever! We are working through many logistics, and we are excited to share more news with you soon. Thank you for continuing to cover us in prayer!

Register online today at!
WALK FOR LIFE 2011   The Walk for Life is one of CPC’s largest and most exciting events of the year. Please pray for:
• Sponsored walkers! This year, we are praying for 1,000 sponsored walkers to help raise funds for CPC.
• Bold local businesses. We pray this event will inspire business leaders to respond to the need to rescue innocent lives from the tragedy of abortion.

PROTECTION FOR CLIENTS   Please pray for protection for our clients who are in abusive relationships. We pray for their protection in this harmful environment, and that they will have the courage to break the cycle of abuse.

PRAY FOR CPC’S EXPECTANT MOTHERS AND THEIR LITTLE ONES.   Their names* and due dates are listed below.
*Some of the names have been changed to protect the identities of our clients.

Lori 1
Amber 1
Wendy 1
Isa 1
Malorey 2
Erika 3
Leila 3
Fatima 3
Christina 3
Helena 3
Danielle 4
Candice 4
Tiara 4
Alexis 5
Jennifer 5
Jana 5
Lauren 5
Emperance 5
Ashley 5
Latasha 6
Lacy 6
Kristin 6
Kendra 6
Latonya 7
Maria 7
Ricci 7
Michelle 8
Kristin 8
Samantha 8
Cassandra 9
Heather 10
Sybil 10
Amber 10
Emily 10
Ashley 11
Dayshia 11
Chelsea 11
Simone 11
Nakita 11
Brittney 11
Jessica 11
Ayneisha 11
Megan 12
BreAnne 12
Angelina 12
Allison 12
Danielle 13
Nesha 13
Christina 14
Kimberly 14
Kim 14
Darcie 14
Erin 15
Kiara 15
Tiana 16
Marly 16
Tamara 16
Priscilla 16
Renee’ 18
Tasha 18
Candice 18
Emily 19
Taneisha 19
Marie 19
Jamie 20
Min 21
Alycia 21
Madelyn 21
Clarice 21
Haley 22
Vonna 22
Valerie 22
Sharmaine 22
Elisa 23
Lavinia 23
Alicia 23
Stephanie 24
Aiesha 25
Jacy 25
Alexandra 26
Heidi 28
Tiffany 28
Claudia 29
Sherra 29
Shelly 29
Kimberley 30
Lanice 30

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Joan's Story

When Joan and her boyfriend first visited The Keim Centers, they were not expecting to have a second child.  “There was a lot of stuff going on in my mind,” Joan recalled.  “[I kept thinking] I cannot have another baby. What are my parents going to think?  I was really confused on what to do.”

Through ongoing support from advocates at the center and return visits for ultrasound, Joan and her boyfriend reached a decision to carry their baby to term and parent their child. 

“When we went to get an ultrasound, we found out it was a boy,” Joan said.  “At The Keim Centers, [the advocate] explained everything to me and made me realize that it’s alive.  It’s not just something we can get rid of – it’s a life.  It’s a little baby.  It’s my own son.  I was about to kill an innocent one, and he’s already alive.  He has a heartbeat and everything – you can’t just get rid of that.”

Currently, Joan’s boyfriend is working to support their family.  Joan’s family assists with childcare so she can complete her GED and continue pursuing her education.

“Before you have a baby, life is totally different,” Joan said.  “Even though it’s hard, [becoming a mother] changes you for the better.  It’s all worth it once you see your baby.  Being a mom keeps you learning every day.  No matter how hard, it’s fulfilling.”

Jaydem will celebrate his first birthday this March.  Joan is also starting classes to prepare for Jaydem and his older brother, Lawrence, to be christened.

Joan and her son, Jaydem, are actual clients.  Their names and likenesses have not been changed.

Photographs by Tracey Sanders Photography

Thursday, March 24, 2011

You Can Be A Rescuer!

Dear Friends,

As a community, we are facing an enormous challenge.  More than 8,000 pre-born children are losing their lives to abortion each year in South Hampton Roads.

Many of you may be overwhelmed by such a grotesque statistic.  Coming to the aid of these children and their mothers seems so impossible that you are not sure what to do.  You may want to quickly give up and do nothing because you believe your efforts would be insignificant … only a drop in the bucket.

One drop will not fill a bucket, but many drops will.  If 1,000 people become sponsored walkers in this year’s Walk for Life, we will accomplish a goal never reached in this ministry’s history, but more importantly, more lives and hearts will be rescued from abortion.

As God has drawn more supporters to CPC, CPC has been able to reach more women. As CPC has reached more women, the abortion trend in our community has reversed and gone down over the last five years. By the grace of God, let’s work together to continue this trend!

Our theme for this year’s Walk is “RESCUE”.  Get it?  U Rescue.  Yes, You!  Everyone can be a part of rescuing moms and babies because everyone can participate in the Walk for Life!  It’s a fun, easy event that is vital to the ongoing work of CPC. 

You can be a rescuer!  Because of God’s work through you in this year’s Walk for Life, children, women and families can be spared from a horrible tragedy. 

We are working through the final logistics of opening the new LIFE-affirming medical clinic in Virginia Beach. One thousand sponsored walkers at this year’s Walk would be a tremendous blessing at this critical moment.  So, come on fellow rescuers, let’s Walk for Life!

See you in April!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Serving With Heart

After learning about CPC during Sanctity of Human Life month at Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church, Grace Fowler (pictured at far left) wanted to do more than just put change in a bottle.  Grace approached her 5th and 6th grade girls’ Sunday School teacher and classmates with the idea to make one-of-kind Valentine cards to benefit CPC.

With encouragement from their teacher Betty Thompson, the young ladies went home to create.  For two Sundays the girls displayed their cards and asked for donations in return for the special Valentines.  To let church members know about their project, the girls took turns standing in the foyer with a hand-made cardboard sign between services.  In total, these young ladies raised $460.35!

Grace and her mom, Nancy, hand-delivered the special donation to The Keim Center of Portsmouth during Valentine’s Day week.

We are so honored by all of your courage, hard work and generosity – thank you, ladies!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Join Us Tomorrow!

Tomorrow (March 5) is the official kick-off for the Walk for Life 2011 season - are you ready?

We are so excited to join with you at River Oak Church in Chesapeake for the Pre-Walk Rally.  We hope YOU are ready to help RESCUE lives in 2011!

Join us at 9 a.m. for a continental breakfast, live music and a chance for the kids to explore local rescue vehicles!  We'll walk you through the process of registering online as a sponsored walker and pass along all your Walk for Life 2011 materials.  We'll also give you a preview of our great incentives and introduce our first contest of the season - we have lots of ways for you to win while supporting LIFE!

Don't forget to take the Rally Challenge!  Bring a friend to the Pre-Walk Rally - if you and your friend become sponsored walkers at the event, you will both be entered to win a $50 Visa gift card!

See you tomorrow morning!
Need more detailed directions?  Click here or call us at 757.410.9703!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Prayer Focus

PLEASE PRAY  CPC humbly requests that you pray for the following:
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WALK FOR LIFE 2011  The Walk for Life is one of CPC’s largest and most exciting events of the year. Please pray for:
Sponsored walkers! For the Walk for Life 2011, we are praying for each walker to recruit seven sponsors to raise funds for CPC.
Boldness within the local church. We pray this event will inspire the church to respond to the need to rescue innocent lives from the tragedy of abortion.

NEW VIRGINIA BEACH MEDICAL CLINIC LOCATION  In 2010, we completed Campaign 575 – we secured enough monthly pledges to proceed toward opening our medical clinic in Virginia Beach! Please pray as we work to secure the best location to reach our clients and provide more life-affirming ultrasounds.

FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS  Please pray for our clients experiencing the pain of broken family relationships. Pray for godly mentors to step forth in each of their lives.

PRAY FOR CPC’S EXPECTANT MOTHERS AND THEIR LITTLE ONES.  Their names* and due dates are listed below.
*Some of the names have been changed to protect the identities of our clients.

Amanda 1
Bianca 2
Nicole 3
Tamara 3
Leah 3
Stacy 3
Trina 3
Nel 3
JoAnn 3
Shanna 4
LaToya 4
Courtney 4
Anita 4
Brittney 4
Kendra 5
Lauren 5
Luci 6
Kendra 7
Chene 7
Victoria 7
Nicole 8
Trey 8
Whitney 8
Heather 9
Samantha 9
Margaret 9
Natasha 9
Lily 10
Melissa 10
Cassandra 11
Veronica 12
Diamond 12
Cindy 12
Kiera 12
Shauna 12
Charie 13
Tara 13
Ashley 13
Alexis 13
Gena 14
Zana 14
Shakia 14
Danielle 14
Shayla 14
Lana 15
DJ 15
Aleana 16
Shelly 16
Sharise 17
Felicia 17
Alyia 17
Malkie 17
Tamara 18
Shauna 19
Barbara 19
Christine 19
Tiffany 19
Jillian 19
Desiree 19
Megan 20
Christine 20
Marla 22
Tabitha 22
Chacara 22
Genise 22
Britany 22
Michelle 23
Susia 24
Brittany 26
Priscilla 26
Kisha 28
Kim 28
Heather 28
Gena 28
Brittany 29
Keisha 29
Raelyn 29
Nyesha 29
Tiffany 29
Vanessa 29
Michelle 30
Felicia 31
Sydney 31
Jennifer 31