Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CPC is on facebook

If you are member of the social networking site, facebook.com, CPC would like to invite you to our page.

Click here for the link to the site

We would like to keep you up to date with CPC events and volunteer opportunities on facebook. We will also publish photos and open discussions.

Feel free to publish a photo of a CPC event that you have been to recently. We love to share with others what CPC is doing in the community.

So far we have photos of our most recent Walk for LIFE and some of our beautiful moms and babies.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Center needs

Items that our Keim Centers need

Diapers (all sizes)

Baby swings


Receiving blankets

Nasal aspirators
Medicine droppers

New bottles
Bottle brushes

Baby hygiene products

Changing pads

Diaper bags

Empty gift bags


Fashionable maternity clothes (small through plus sizes)

Clothes rod for hanging maternity clothes
Play yards

If you would like to donate please call our office at 757-410-9703.

We have four Keim Center locations in South Hampton Roads:
Portsmouth • 5000 Portsmouth Blvd., Ste. 1
Virginia Beach • 3145 Virginia Beach Blvd., Ste. 109
Suffolk • 302 North Main Street, Ste. A
Norfolk (Medical Clinic) • 2121 Colonial Avenue

Thursday, May 13, 2010

President's Letter

Dear Friends,

Soon after joining the staff of CPC, I met with a pastor who said, “Son, you have a lot to learn about faith”. Obviously, he was not paying me a compliment, but his observation was accurate. He could easily tell that I was overwhelmed by the intensity and challenges of pregnancy center ministry.
Flash forward almost 10 years… the ministry is even more intense and the challenges are greater, but I am not the same person. My faith has been strengthened steadily as I’ve witnessed Him moving and working throughout this ministry.
He penetrates Hard Hearts I have seen Him move in the hardest of hearts. Women, who were resolute in their decision to abort, changed their minds and chose life for their preborn children. Others, whose hearts were equally hardened to the Gospel, have embraced the Hope and Life available to them through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Over 40 moms and 4 dads made first time commitments to Christ in 2009!
He is our Protector We started this year being attacked by a group that does not respect or appreciate the work of pregnancy centers. They helped to introduce harmful legislation against pregnancy centers in the Virginia General Assembly. It appeared that they would have some success. Yet, in the end they were thwarted and pregnancy centers were honored for their work by a resolution that passed in both the House and Senate. Click for Link
He is our Provision It has been challenging to navigate through this recession. Towards the end of last year, donations started to trend aggressively down. So much that we were facing immediate and significant cuts within the ministry. Ironically, as donations were going down, the number of women we were helping was going way up. Last year we helped 26% more women than the year before (see graph below). It is very difficult to consider significant cuts when the needs are growing greater.
On the very day in January that we were going to take action and begin making cutbacks, two donors (who knew nothing of our dire circumstances) made large gifts that made up for the large deficit! Incredible and “right on time” provision from our Great God!

He has even revived the campaign to raise support for CPC’s new life-revealing medical clinic in Virginia Beach. An anonymous donor recently made a significant challenge to our community that could put us back on track to meet our monthly support goals if the challenge is met. So, within a few weeks, this ministry has shifted from being in jeopardy of major budget cuts to moving proactively towards opening the new medical clinic. Amazing!
Regardless of my faith, or lack thereof, He is faithful. I am so grateful for His provision and protection. It is truly by His mercy that this ministry exists. All glory to Him.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May Prayer card

Please pray CPC humbly requests that you pray for the following:

575 CHALLENGE We see God moving as we continue to work towards the goal of 575 sponsored ministry hours. When the goal is reached, we will immediately be able to convert the Virginia Beach center to a medical clinic offering life-affirming ultrasound. We need only 158 more sponsored hours.

SEXUAL INTEGRITY MINISTRY Pray that our clients would be open to the forgiveness, healing and re-claimed purity found in our Lord Jesus.

Pray for the advocates in the Call Center, who are on the front lines, ministering to abortion minded clients each day. Pray for more volunteers who would commit, complete the training and begin serving in this very important area of CPC’s ministry.

Pray for CPC’s expectant mothers
& their little ones.

Their names* & due dates are listed below. *Some of the names have been changed to protect the identities of our clients.

May 2010

Rosa 1
Lisa 2
Tracey 2
Jessica 2
Nicole 2
Kendra 3
Jessica 3
Carmela 3
Kellan 3
Alicia 4
Britney 4
Ashley 4
Natalie 5
Kensey 5
Kia 5
Stephanie 6
LaToya 6
Vanessa 6
Nicole 6
Audrey 6
Monica 8
April 8

Carla 8

Erin 8

Larice 8

Cassandra 8

Sharrod 8

Patricia 8

Christy 9

Shaquita 9

Heidi 9

Ashley 9

Rachel 10

Shannon 10

Cheryl 10

Barbara 11

Emma 12

Brittany 12

Assandra 12

Allison 13

Quintina 14

Donielle 14

Migdalia 14

Jasmine 15

Sheryl 15

Tiffany 15

Christie 15

Rachel 15

Brittany 16

Shelly 16

Bella 16

Brandy 16

Cathy 17

Elisabeth 17

Jules 18

Victoria 18

Jessica 18

Cynthia 18

LaVondra 19

Natalia 19

Caroline 19

Frannie 20

Callie 20

Karla 21

Kristen 21

Nicole 22

Jill 22

Rebecca 22

Jarryl 22

Jamie 22

Andrea 23

Michelle 23

LaShandra 23

Celia 23

Autumn 23

Brittany 23

Tammy 24

Candy 25

Brittany 25

Elizabeth 27

Natasha 27

Melissa 28

Princess 28

Kyara 31

Dani 31

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day from CPC

Enjoy these photos of some recent moms and babies
that came to the Keim Center.

Happy Mother's Day
to all mothers in our community

Friday, May 7, 2010

Recent donations

THANK YOU for the following baby showers:
Radient Life
Ocean View Christian Reformed Church
London Bridge Baptist Church
Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church
Candice Yeager in memory of her son, Judah

THANK YOU for the following donations:

Newborns in Need – large donation of baby items
Karen McIntyre – made curtains for class room and boutique


A NEED MET beautifully and generously by Church of the Messiah.
Kit Lawrence, Cherry Jenson and the congregation of Church of the Messiah decided to put love into action and meet a great need for our Norfolk Center. Cherry saw the need and contacted Kit, who handmade and installed six beautiful new cabinets for us. All of the materials were purchased by Church of the Messiah. What a blessing! The Keim Centers provide for the practical needs of new moms with items such as clothing, diapers, blankets and all other newborn necessities. Norfolk greatly needed additional storage for these items due to the increase in clients that we are serving. Thank you Kit, Cherry and the wonderful folks at Church of the Messiah. You made a difference!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Volunteer Spotlight

on DEBBIE EAKES serving in our Great Expectations program

THIS PHOTO SPEAKS SO CLEARLY of Debbie’s heart. She is posing with the daughter of one of our clients. Debbie loves them and their families; she treats each new mom as the special person they are. She enthusiastically serves as the Great Expectations Coordinator and Instructor for the Norfolk Keim Center. Using her experience in the medical field as a nurse midwife, Debbie has written new lessons for the prenatal portion of the Great Expectations curriculum. This is a huge endeavor and she completed this with incredible excellence and great generosity.
Debbie presently volunteers her time and talents as she also teaches in our Volunteer Training Program.

Do you want to get involved?
Here's how!

CONTACT Angie Freeman • afreeman@cpcot.org • 410-9703 ext. 202
Center Receptionists

Call Center Volunteers
Registered Sonographer
Baby Shower Coordinator – Portsmouth Center

Great Expectations
Parenting Class volunteers

Walk for Life events volunteers

Volunteer Training Dates

CPC 101
Tuesday, June 8 • 9-11:30 am or 6:30 – 9 pm


Saturday, June 12 • 9:00 am – 3:30 pm

Tuesday, June 15 • 6:30 pm – 9 pm

Saturday, June 19 • 9:00 am – 3:30 pm

Tuesday, June 22 • 6:30 pm – 9 pm

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Walk for LIFE better than ever

The Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater held the Walk for LIFE this weekend at the Virginia Zoo.

This was the last and largest of the three Walk for LIFE events this year. We have not finished all the counting, but we're already ahead of last year's numbers.

God is moving in this ministry.

Thanks to those who participated and donated their time and money to our cause. Your continued support makes it possible for us to minister to so many moms and babies in our community.