Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Huge Blessing

Dear Friends,

September 1st has passed, but we still haven't met the goal of having 100% of the expenses for CPC's Annual Benefit Banquet covered. Thankfully, a generous donor has agreed to a dollar-for-dollar $5,000 match to help close the gap!

Double the blessing means helping more moms and babies!

Please help CPC take advantage of this generous opportunity.

This year, we're expecting many of the banquet guests will be hearing about the ministry of CPC for the first time. There's a possibility for hundreds of additional people to join us in defending LIFE! Just imagine if they knew every dollar they were able to give would go directly to the ministry of saving lives and sparing hearts!

By accepting the challenge of this generous donor, your underwriting investment multiplies into an even larger blessing that will ultimately help more moms, their babies and their families. Please visit www.cpcfriends.org/banquet or call 757.410.9703 to help reach this goal.

Thank you for your love and support of CPC, and for prayerfully considering how you can help.

For LIFE with you,
Toby DeBause, President of Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater

Toby DeBause, President of Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater

Kyle Idleman, Keynote Speaker for CPC's Annual Benefit Banquet
Underwriters multiply support for this life-saving ministry! Additional thanks to underwriters may include:
  • Seating reservation up to 10 
  • Recognition in event program
  • Exclusive reception with keynote speaker Kyle Idleman
  • Recognition on screen at event
  • And more!

October Prayer Focus

Pray for CPC's expectant mothers and their little ones.
PLEASE PRAY   CPC humbly requests your intentional prayer for:

CASTING OUT FEAR   Even when clients see their baby and choose life in our medical clinics, they often leave facing the same fears that drove them to consider abortion in the first place. Pray these precious women will stay strong in their decision.

GREAT EXPECTATIONS   Our Great Expectations prenatal care and parenting classes are a wonderful opportunity to educate and encourage families while also modeling and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Please lift up these new mothers and fathers, that they will learn skills to care for their children and continue seeking gospel truth in their lives.

RESOURCES NEEDED   CPC’s Annual Benefit Banquet is vital to providing the necessary financial resources to continue the efforts of the ministry of CPC. As this event approaches, please pray for new people to get involved, God to be glorified, and LIFE to be lifted up.

PRAY FOR CPC’S EXPECTANT MOTHERS AND THEIR LITTLE ONES.   Their names* and due dates are listed below.
*Some of the names have been changed to protect the identities of our clients.

Tammy 1
Megan 1
Leia 1
Ariel 1
Karleena 1
Andra 2
Emily 2
Elizabeth 2
Candice 3
Latrisha 3
Kai 3
Tyra 3
Dayla 3
Alejandra 3
Laura 4
Tasha 4
Ashley 4
Brittany 4
Ashley 4
Carmela 5
Tanesha 5
Ciara 5
Bianca 5
Nicole 6
Misti 6
Mishelle 8
Darcy 8
Jenna 9
Holly 9
Bailey 9
Fiona 9
Shanna 10
Ciara 10
Sade 10
Lauren 10
Brittani 11
Kesha 11
Esmeralda 11
Kristy 11
Lauren 11
Lilly 12
Joselyn 12
Skylar 12
Stephanie 12
Kelli 13
Shanice 13
D’shawna 13
Andrea 13
Courtney 14
Tavia 14
Kristina 14
Lisa 14
Moressa 14
Stephanie 16
Ana 16
Jackie 16
Angela 17
Raven 17
Erica 17
Ashley 18
Sharita 18
Brittney 19
Shakira 19
Izzy 20
Mara 20
Marion 21
Wanda 21
Cheyenne 21
Kiandra 21
Brittany 22
Alexa 22
Tina 23
Bryonna 23
Katherine 25
Jeanna 25
Katherine 25
Susan 26
Colleen 26
Whitney 27
Alexis 27
Monique 27
Ty 27
Jessica 28
Kelsey 28
Sharon 29
Jazmin 29
Jasmine 29
Reina 30
Nadiyah 30
Ebony 30
Ella 30
Chanda 30
Alexis 30
Caitlin 31

Thursday, September 25, 2014

This Christmas, give LIFE!

Larry Ryals, Assistant Pastor at Deep Creek Baptist Church
CPC Christmas Trees are a special way for churches to pour into our community. Members of the congregation “check out” empty baby bottles from the tree to fill with spare change, cash or checks. Each filled bottle holds the opportunity to GIVE LIFE to precious moms and babies!

Larry Ryals, Assistant Pastor at Deep Creek Baptist Church, was encouraged by the love his congregation shared last Christmas and encourages others to get involved this year.

“As Christians, we are all called to recognize that conception is a sovereign act of God (Isaiah 49:1, 5; Jeremiah 1:5). Therefore, all believers have a responsibility to support and pray for organizations such as CPC to save the unborn and minister to people who have been affected by abortion.”

Learn more at www.cpcfriends.org/christmas.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Volunteer Spotlight: Beth Papworth

Thank you for volunteering at CPC, Beth!
  • Volunteer since 2012
  • Serves all locations as Call Center Advocate
  • Attends New Covenant Presbyterian Church

Beth Papworth honed strong leadership skills during her career as a Navy Commander, and we’re honored she has chosen to share her time and talent with CPC. Beth has been dubbed the “Call Center Super Trainer” — she goes above and beyond to take new volunteers under her wing, making sure they are prepared to serve with excellence ... and she creates more unique role-play scenarios for trainees than anyone could count! Beth is a creative problem solver, often helping to improve systems and strategies through her beautiful balance of attention to detail and compassion. She also humbly and willingly serves as she’s needed, making herself available for additional shifts when others are on vacation. Beth is an absolute delight to work with and an incredible asset to the ministry of CPC. Thank you for all you do!

If you'd like more information about joining CPC's network of volunteers, visit www.cpcfriends.org/volunteer today!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Letter from the President

Abortions performed in South Hampton Roads 2004-2013Dear friends,

The trend towards embracing LIFE continues in South Hampton Roads! According to a recent report* from the Virginia Department of Health, the number of abortions performed in our community in 2013 dropped again from the previous year (see graph).

Not only did the number of precious lives destroyed by abortion drop last year, it was the steepest drop in this nine year downward trend. This is great news!

Let’s continue to pray and work together to keep this trend going. As encouraging as this news is, there were still 6,078 little ones who did not escape the hands of the abortionists. Last year the oldest abortion facility in our community closed because they were not performing enough abortions to keep their doors open. If the trend towards embracing life continues, others will also close. Let’s pray to this end, as too many lives and hearts are still at stake.

Here in the ministry of CPC, we are increasing our efforts to keep this life-embracing trend alive. Thanks to one friend of the ministry, we have been able to invest more in reaching women through the internet. Also, we launched a new initiative to offer some of our clinic services in community centers throughout South Hampton Roads. We piloted this program in the Afton Place center in Portsmouth and hope to extend these services to other community centers soon. It has not been easy, but we are learning a lot and hope to apply these lessons in order to serve more women.

God is moving. He is moving in and through the ministry of CPC and all over South Hampton Roads. Let’s continue to join Him in this work!

With you for LIFE,

Toby DeBause, President

* http://www.vdh.virginia.gov/healthstats/documents/2010/pdfs/ITOPXFac13.pdf