Saturday, August 31, 2013

September Prayer Focus

Pray for CPC's expectant mothers and their little ones.
PLEASE PRAY   CPC humbly requests your intentional prayer for:
NEW CENTER MANAGER   Pray for God’s guidance in the process of hiring a center manager. To continue the work of His ministry, we seek a spiritually mature leader with a passion for Jesus Christ and a servant’s heart, along with the skills to direct a busy center while ministering to women in crisis.

SPIRITUAL PROTECTION   Please pray for the spiritual protection of university students who are moving back into our community. Pray for churches to connect with these young adults to further develop their relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ.

PRAYER   As sons and daughters of the Most High, it is a privilege to pray. What an honor that our maker cares to hear from us! Please pray for South Hampton Roads to join forces in prayer for LIFE, focusing our hearts on protecting His creation as we push the darkness of abortion to the foot of the cross.

PRAY FOR CPC’S EXPECTANT MOTHERS AND THEIR LITTLE ONES.   Their names* and due dates are listed below.
*Some of the names have been changed to protect the identities of our clients.

Genny 1
Selena 2
Whitney 2
Kendra 2
Dana 3
Danyelle 3
Natasha 3
Michelle 3
Tasha 3
Jessica 3
Gwen 4
Tammie 4
Kayla 4
Nessa 4
Joyce 4
Danielle 5
Jennifer 5
Christine 5
Adrienne 6
Chelsey 6
Kristen 6
Paris 6
Ashley 6
Natasha 6
Julia 7
Danielle 7
April 7
Andrea 7
Jazmine 7
Shannon 8
Cheryl 8
Sheri 8
Dakota 8
Erica 8
Jasmine 9
Angela 9
Alexandria 9
Noel 10
Tasha 11
Jazmin 11
Amber 12
Tiffany 12
Sherrie 12
Samantha 13
Tiffani 13
Nita 14
Andrea 14
Kay 14
Amanda 14
Sheryl 15
Emily 15
Yolanda 16
Jamie 16
Janessa 16
Nikita 17
Kendra 17
Kristin 17
Murphy 17
Beth 17
Mercedes 18
Nina 18
Jasmine 18
Kiesha 18
Regina 19
Tori 19
Lauren 19
Jaqi 19
Kara 20
Jacinta 20
Mya 20
Antoinette 20
Kayla 20
Crystal 20
Precious 21
Maya 21
Kori 21
Ayeshia 21
Liz 22
Christine 22
Connie 22
Daniqua 22
Taylor 22
Christy 23
Madeline 23
Latoya 24
Lovely 25
Yvonne 25
Rachelle 26
Sierra 26
Tonya 26
Kelli 27
Kayla 27
Nicole 27
Hope 27
Erika 27
Ashley 28
Deirdre 28
Stefani 28
Katy 28
Antoinette 28
Dominique 28
Shonda 29
Maribeth 29
Angela 29
Jennifer 30
Dominique 30
Rashida 30
Rameisha 30

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Who do you pray with?

CPC's Prayer Gathering for LIFE
"For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them." Matt. 18:20

God is moving through the ministry of CPC, and we're eager to join forces with His people in prayer. 

One mom's group let us know they plan to come pray after their kids are asleep, and then fellowship together over a late night dinner out afterwards. Another family shared they are excited to set their alarm for 2 a.m. and come pray for a cause dear to their heart. We are looking forward to seeing the creative ways God will inspire prayer!

Who will you invite to help push back the darkness? There is great value in sharing your passion for LIFE in a face-to-face conversation. Let us know on
Facebook or by email -- you may inspire someone else to help spread the word in a new way! See full details at

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pushing Back The Darkness: 24 Hours of Prayer

Pushing Back The Darkness: 24 Hours of Prayer | Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater

Day or night. A few minutes or a few hours. Alone or with a group. It's up to you.
This year, Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater is setting aside 24 hours for prayer. Join when you can and stay as long as you feel led. Invite others and help spread the word.

Life is precious, but under attack. We need to join forces in prayer. It's time to push darkness to the foot of the cross.

Friday, September 20 @ noon - Saturday, September 21 @ noon
Harvest Assembly | 525 Kempsville Road, Chesapeake VA

Learn more at

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Banquet Date Change

CPC takes the responsibility to vote seriously.
We take the responsibility to vote seriously.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 5th ... the same day originally scheduled for CPC’s Annual Benefit Banquet. So we’re adjusting our calendar! 


Tuesday, October 29th is the new banquet date! Our keynote speaker, Eric Metaxas, is excited to join us on this new date for what promises to be a powerful evening.
We’ve lost a week in planning, so your underwriting gifts are now more important than ever. Please visit to help.

If you’d like to speak with a member of our development team, call 757.410.9703.