Wednesday, June 29, 2011

July Prayer Focus

PLEASE PRAY   CPC humbly requests that you pray for the following:

PROTECTION   The spiritual battle continues to rage. Please pray for more protection for CPC’s ministry. As our new medical clinic provides additional opportunities to reach more women, save more lives and spare more hearts, we ask for God to show Himself mighty. Pray for His favor and mercy to continue blessing this ministry’s growth.

CLIENT OUTREACH   In everything we do, our goal is to reach clients where they are and provide assistance as they make difficult decisions surrounding an unplanned pregnancy. Please pray as we seek to connect with more women and families in South Hampton Roads.

CALL CENTER   The call center is our first opportunity to interact with clients – the front lines of our ministry. As we pray for more clients to fill our clinics and resource centers, please also pray for our call center staff and volunteers. Pray for God to guide their tongues and share His peace and compassion during each conversation.

PRAY FOR CPC’S EXPECTANT MOTHERS & THEIR LITTLE ONES.   Their names* & due dates are listed below.
*Some of the names have been changed to protect the identities of our clients.

JULY 2011

Virginia 1
Brittney 1
Blaire 1
Audra 2
Autum 3
Jennifer 4
Wilma 4
LaVerne 5
Alexandra 5
Tonya 5
Melissa 5
Anna 5
Cassy 6
Lynn 6
Deidra 7
Keyanna 7
Shaunte 7
Jaclyn 8
Natasha 8
Juanita 8
Samantha 8
Brittany 9
Kesha 9
Mary 9
Monica 9
Chelsea 9
Julie 10
Melissa 10
Shakia 10
LaToya 11
Danielle 11
Caitlyn 11
Lora 11
Ashley 12
Syria 12
Lakesha 12
Kendra 13
Brittany 13
Annette 14
Brittany 14
June 14
Ariel 14
Marilyn 14
Tara 14
Tonya 15
LaTasha 15
Crystal 15
Michelle 15
Ebony 15
Angela 16
Naomi 16
Alexis 16
Jaclyn 16
Shelly 17
Michelle 17
Jessica 18
Shanise 18
Britney 18
Kimberly 20
Shanta 20
Jennifer 20
Amanda 20
Marnita 20
Jessica 21
Sherica 21
Julie 22
Tina 22
Venesha 22
Hannah 22
Dianne 22
India 22
Dana 22
Shameka 22
Nikki 22
Shanika 22
Jessica 23
Sheila 23
Sade 23
Chantel 23
Amanda 24
Kiara 25
Audrey 25
Jennifer 25
Nikki 25
Kelly 25
Cassandra 25
Tammy 25
Simone 26
Brittney 26
Heather 26
Deidra 26
Mesha 27
Tamara 27
Christy 27
Melissa 27
Jacara 27
Shavanne 27
Jordan 28
Sherita 28
Kaitlin 28
Virginia 28
Holly 28
Eliza 29
Dana 29
Ashley 30
Patricia 30
Dominique 31
Rebecca 31
Meredith 31

Monday, June 27, 2011

Dine Out to Donate!

Too hot to start your oven this summer? Join us at Fuddruckers to raise funds for CPC over a tasty meal!

Thursday, June 30, 2011
4625 Virginia Beach Boulevard
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
11 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Fuddruckers will generously donate 20% of all pre-tax food purchases to CPC's ministry.  It's easy - just drop your receipt in the container near the front marked with CPC's name and logo!

Pass the word along to your friends - this is a great opportunity to introduce others to CPC while enjoying some of the world's greatest hamburgers!

Can't make this event at Fuddruckers?  Mark your calendar for two more opportunities to support CPC while dining out!  (More details and printable flyers to follow!)

July 25, 2011
Applebee's in Norfolk

August 30, 2011
Fazoli's in Chesapeake

Friday, June 24, 2011

Final Results Are In!

This week, we opened the new medical clinic in Virginia Beach with life-affirming ultrasound - WITH YOUR HELP!

We were thrilled to Walk for Life with you in April, and it's been such a blessing to see new donations in our mailbox every day! These are your results - thank you for blessing us in 2011 and being a vital part of CPC's ministry!

Is your church one of the top teams, or did your team achieve the 7 walker challenge? Check out our fun facts!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Calling All MVPs!

Did you know?  Every time you purchase Food Lion brand products, you can help CPC earn a donation!

Go to and click on "Register Your MVP Card." Enter your 12-digit card number, contact info and organization number 252460 for the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater - it's that easy!

Earn even more when you shop on the 10th of each month - CPC can earn double credits on all Food Lion brand product purchases.

We appreciate all you do to help support CPC and our local community!

Monday, June 20, 2011

The new medical clinic in Virginia Beach is now open!

Dear Friends,

Ever since CPC opened its first medical clinic offering life-affirming ultrasound more than five years ago, we have been praying and working towards opening a new clinic in Virginia Beach. God has answered our prayers and rewarded our work as the new clinic has opened today!

This is a very exciting moment in the history of this ministry and our community. Many more lives have been saved and hearts spared from abortion after the opening of or first clinic in Norfolk. We trust that God will continue to increase the impact of this ministry with the new clinic in Virginia Beach.

Already today we have seen Him at work! Our first patient to receive medical services in the new clinic had been seeking an abortion. However, after counseling and seeing her little one on the ultrasound monitor, LIFE has been affirmed in her heart. She said,

"I am so excited that I am the first client
to be seen here and the first to have an ultrasound. With that being said,
I feel it is meant for me to have my baby."

This child will have the opportunity to take its first breath and this mom will be spared from the heartache of an abortion because of God's intervention through The Keim Center of Virginia Beach. Praise Him!

Thank you all for your prayers and support. He has used YOU to make this medical clinic a reality!

For LIFE with you,

Toby DeBause

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

YOU helped RESCUE during the Walk for Life 2011!

For more than a month, our administrative team has devoted tremendous time and energy into tabulating the results of the Walk for Life 2011. When our events come to an end, that’s when their work begins! Pledges keep arriving in our mailbox every day – what a gift! It’s exciting to see so many new friends to the ministry, as well as numerous faithful supporters.

We were truly honored to Walk for Life with so many of you this April. We love spending time with our CPC family! We were also thrilled to share a few moments with some of our former clients. These precious women – Kia, Carolina, Dominique and Denise – chose life for their sweet babies and had the courage to publicly share their story.

Prior to the Walk for Life at the Oceanfront, Kia wrote her advocate to let her know just how much The Keim Center impacted her life.

“I contemplated abortion during my pregnancy, but I had to take time out to think about the life I was carrying and how carrying to term would be beneficial to me, even though I was scared and had no clue what I was going to do. I believe The Keim Center did help me decide to carry full term and parent my unborn.  It was definitely a huge decision for me to make, but to my surprise I ended up receiving so much love and support.  I didn’t know that the first day I came to the center would change my life in so many ways. Although I believed in the Lord prior to coming, I made a decision to be closer to Him.  I needed the love of Him in my life to do what I needed to do. To a woman who may be considering abortion: there have been many in your predicament, but if you can take time to think about your decision and find the support, you can find the strength to take on this huge responsibility to carry and raise this child.  I’m not saying it won’t be hard but with your faith in the Lord and support, believe you can do this!”

These women are just a few of the thousands of lives touched by CPC’s ministry … and the reason we are all working together to rescue more lives and spare more hearts from the tragedy of abortion!

Thanks to your generous support, we raised more than $196,000 in pledges and donations!  Nearly 900 sponsored walkers and more than 160 teams attended the Walk for Life 2011 events, and we are so grateful for this generous commitment to CPC's ministry.  Your support will change lives!

We're already preparing for the Walk for Life 2012, and we're looking forward to get involved in our community with you!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The new medical clinic is moved! Want to see where?

Dear Friends,

We are literally days away from opening the new medical clinic in Virginia Beach! Last week, we moved out of our non-medical office in Virginia Beach. With the help of almost 20 volunteers (on the hottest day of the year so far … sorry volunteer movers!), we moved into our new location!

The No. 1 question regarding the new clinic is, “Where will the new clinic be located?” It’s a great question! Of all of the decisions made about this new clinic, location was the most important.

We spent countless hours researching the ideal spot. Through this research we were able to determine the neighborhoods with the highest percentage of women at risk for abortion in South Hampton Roads. Our goal was to find a site that was most convenient for them.

The results of our research clearly pointed us towards the Town Center area of Virginia Beach. Not only is it the best location to reach and serve women facing crisis pregnancies, it is also an area that is projected to grow significantly within the next five years especially in terms of population.

CPC’s newest medical clinic offering life-affirming ultrasound, The Keim Center of Virginia Beach, will be located at 4356 Bonney Road.

Bonney Road hugs Town Center in a way that removes us from the congestion of Town Center while providing easy and super convenient access to our new clinic. We are just minutes away for most of the population of Virginia Beach and better placed to serve all of South Hampton Roads.

My business friends often say to me, “location, location, location,” to express the value of location in regards to success in business. I understand what they are saying and, with confidence, believe the new Bonney Road site to be a great location. Now we are more strategically placed to reach more women and, as a result, more lives will be saved and hearts spared from the horrible tragedy of abortion.

The true key to success is God’s favor. Ultimately we trust that He has led us to this new location. I can’t wait to personally share with you all of the doors that have been opened, the obstacles that were removed, and the incredible provision given for this new clinic that could only come from Him. Please come to our Open House Celebration on July 23rd. See for yourself this new and great thing God has done – it is remarkable!

There are still some sizable tasks and logistics to complete before opening. As always, we cherish your prayers and support. As I shared in my last letter, more than $35,000 is needed for expenses related to this new location. To date, nearly $12,500 has been donated towards these expenses by many generous people. If you would like to make a secure online donation, please click here.

For His glory and the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we pray that this new clinic will be a beacon of Light and a bastion for LIFE. Join me in this prayer and thank you for standing with the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater!

For LIFE with you,

Friday, June 3, 2011

Meet Our Team!

The new Virginia Beach clinic continues to gain momentum!  Here's a quick introduction to the staff team that has been formed to launch the new medical clinic.

Vernicia Eure, Director of Client Services

Vernicia has served on staff for nearly seven years.  She oversees all four locations of The Keim Centers and ensures excellence in daily ministry operations.

The new clinic will be Vernicia's home office for the next several months.  Vernicia is a remarkable leader and we are grateful she is at the helm for the launch of the new clinic.

Jessica Sechrist, Nurse Manager
Jessica joined the CPC family in 2010 as a volunteer, and everyone working alongside her regularly witnessed her love for the Lord and the women she served.  We are grateful she recently accepted the Nurse Manager's position for the new clinic.  Please be praying for Jessica as she continues intensive training.

Lynsey Hickman, Center Manager
Lynsey began her time at CPC as a volunteer peer counselor and soon transitioned into a client services assistant.  Currently she serves as Center Manager for The Keim Center of Portsmouth.  We look forward to Lynsey bringing her experience, passion and determiniation to the new clinic.

This is an incredible team!  We trust that the Lord has brought them together and, as a result, many lives will be saved and hearts spared.  Please pray for them during the next few weeks as we prepare to open the new medical clinic.