Saturday, February 23, 2013

It takes less than a minute...

One Saturday morning could truly change our community.

It's no coincidence the number of abortions in South Hampton Roads has dropped as more men and women are reached with a message of LIFE. But how many more need these words of hope?

Now is YOUR TIME to make a difference for LIFE!

Introduce your friends, family and other acquaintances to the heart-sparing, life-saving ministry of Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater by inviting them to join us at the PRE-WALK RALLY on Saturday, March 9th at New Life Providence Church's Kempsville location at 9 a.m.

It may seem small, but your outreach can have a huge impact. And the more individuals who hear what they can do to SAVE LIVES, the bigger impact we can all make. Together.

Learn more and share this event today!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

LifeChange is in the news!

Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater's LifeChange baby bottle fundraiser
Spare change really can change lives, and Ocean View Christian Reformed Church in Norfolk, Va., is one church rising to the challenge.

The Banner, the official magazine of the Christian Reformed Church, recently highlighted Ocean View’s annual LifeChange baby bottle fundraising campaign while sharing the positive impact Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater is having on LIFE.

Read the article in its entirety at

If you or your church is interested in scheduling a baby bottle campaign, learn more at

Friday, February 1, 2013

February Prayer Focus

Pray for CPC's expectant mothers and their little ones.
PLEASE PRAY   CPC humbly requests your intentional prayer for:

HEARTS FOR THE GOSPEL   Please pray for our Heavenly Father to open the hearts of our clients to welcome and receive the Gospel. Pray His words guide our tongues, leading to an eternal impact in what we share. And pray that once these precious clients accept the Good News, they will become so rooted in the Gospel that enemy won’t distract and take away the seeds that have been planted. (Matthew 13).

ABORTION RECOVERY MINISTRY   Every day many post-abortive women live in fear, shame and guilt. Their voice has been silenced by this secret which affects every part of their lives. Jesus came to bring us LIFE. He died for ALL sin and exchanged our shame for His glory. He bore our guilt and by His stripes we are healed. Our hope is to bring healing through CPC’s abortion recovery ministry. Please pray that women and men overcome fear, shame and guilt as they find freedom at the cross.

PRAY FOR CPC’S EXPECTANT MOTHERS AND THEIR LITTLE ONES.   Their names* and due dates are listed below.
*Some of the names have been changed to protect the identities of our clients.
Jessica 1
Beth 1
Shawna 1
Shaniqua 1
Shaunda 1
Elizabeth 1
Sunny 2
Erika 2
Ashlie 2
Megan 3
Kim 3
Shayla 3
Anastasia 4
Lindsay 4
Heather 5
Dara 5
Ruth 5
Diane 5
Alyssa 5
Rose 5
Dawn 5
Nicole 6
Elaina 6
Malea 6
Janet 6
Kelli 6
Lateasha 7
Veronica 7
Kim 7
Brittany 8
Tori 8
Stacie 8
Stephanie 9
Maria 9
Courtney 9
Shea 10
Rachel 10
Adrianna 12
Candy 13
Terri 13
Mia 13
Nita 13
Tanika 14
Diana 14
Ariel 14
Tiffany 14
Heather 14
Shanta 14
Pamela 14
Tia 14
Diamond 15
Jessica 16
Kelly 16
Tianna 17
Shantae 17
Mary 17
Faith 17
Sabrina 18
Jessica 19
Nadia 19
Ebony 19
Danielle 19
Daneka 19
Samantha 19
Ramona 19
Brittany 20
Chandrel 20
Christina 20
Kori 20
Eleanor 21
Kimi 21
Jennifer 21
Danielle 22
Candice 22
Callie 23
Regina 23
LaToya 24
Eva 25
Brittany 25
Ashley 25
Kelsie 25
Erica 25
Tia 26
Britney 26
Lorena 26
Dannie 27
Jocelyn 27
Dee 27
Tabitha 28
Adriana 28