Thursday, January 27, 2011

Update: Philadelphia Abortion Doctor Has Local Ties

Last week we shared the news of a Philadelphia abortion doctor who has been charged with murder.  Dr. Gosnell’s patients included Virginia residents, including Karnamaya Mongar, a patient who was administered lethal doses of anesthesia during an abortion procedure.  The county investigating grand jury has released their report, detailing their findings, the criminal charges and their recommendations for institutional and legal reforms.  This document is public information and has been published in numerous news reports.
Please note – the grand jury report includes graphic photos and information.  Understand this document is not for the faint of heart.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today's News: Philadelphia Abortion Doctor Charged With Murder

This morning, a Philadelphia abortion doctor was charged with the death of a female patient and the murder of seven babies whose spinal cords were severed with scissors after they were born alive.  Nine others have also been charged in this case.
Read the full story here.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Toby DeBause, President of Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater, is kicking off Sanctity of Human Life Week this Sunday at Atlantic Shores Baptist Church. He's excited about the opportunity to give the message in all three services.

Service times are 8:15 a.m., 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Link to directions

Link to ASBC

If you can join us, before or after services at your church, we'd love to see you there!

for your church to participate in SOHL month! Have your church leaders contact us ASAP for free resources.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life-Impacting News

In November 2010, Delegate Bob Marshall prefiled a bill for the Virginia House of Delegates to establish that the word “person” in Virginia law includes unborn children.  This bill, scheduled to present on January 12, 2011, is landmark legislation – defining, for the first time, that the life of each human being begins at conception.  The proposed bill is a specific response to the Code of Virginia, Section 8.01-50, the section of law that determines what legal action for death by wrongful act is appropriate in the Commonwealth.  (Read the bill in its entirety at

As a response to Delegate Marshall’s question of whether the Commonwealth can regulate facilities in which first trimester abortion services are provided and medical personnel who perform them, on August 20, 2010, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli wrote: “It is my opinion that the Commonwealth has the authority to promulgate regulations for facilities in which first trimester abortions are performed as well as for providers of first trimester abortions …”  (Read the entire memo at )

With this in mind, numerous pro-life groups have organized the Virginia Rally for Life in Richmond, Va., on January 13, 2011 (  The event’s stated purpose is “to witness to the sanctity of life, to urge Governor McDonnell to initiate regulations for first trimester abortion facilities, and to support pro-life legislation.”

Monday, January 3, 2011

January Prayer Card

PLEASE PRAY  CPC humbly requests that you pray for the following:

SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE WEEK  January is a special time to come together as the body of Christ to recognize the value and sanctity of human life. Please pray:
• for God to use SOHL to open more hearts to CPC’s ministry
• for people to accept and respond to the value and sanctity of human life
• for a renewed effort to defend life, providing a voice for the voiceless

FAITHFUL SUPPORT IN 2011  We are honored at the opportunity to continue walking alongside our clients with the help of our faithful financial supporters, volunteers and prayer warriors. Please pray for renewed enthusiasm and contagious love for those with a heart for CPC’s life-affirming ministry.

BRIDGING THE GAP  Pray for our clients who made recent commitments to Christ, including those participating in CPC’s Bridging the Gap (BTG) program. BTG helps seekers and new believers begin studying God’s Word and transition into a local church.

Pray for CPC's Expectant Mothers & Their Little Ones.  
Their names* & due dates are listed below.
*Some of the names have been changed to protect the identities of our clients.

Janet   2
Kierra   2
Mandi   2
Kirsten   3
Niesha   5
Amber   6
Monika   6
Amanda   6
Jean   6
Jasmine   6
Liz   7
Elizabeth   8
Ashley   9
Janna   10
Rose Marie   10
Adrien   10
Lauren   10
April   11
Dominique   11
Katy   11
Rhiannon   12
Mandy   13
Andrea   10
Danielle   10
Renee   10
Miranda   10
Cathy   10
Emily   15
Shanesha   15
Kimberly   15
Aubrey   15
Daisey   16
Alexis   16
Josephine   16
Jessica   17
Jasmine   17
Linda   17
Cymone   17
Donnita   17
Jennifer   18
Christa   19
Jasmine   20
April   20
Jennifer   20
Samantha   20
Georgia   21
Jennifer   21
Deneshia   21
Starr   22
Alecia   22
Kierra   23
Jazmine   24
Brooke   24
Ashley   24
Erica   24
Jade   25
Stacie   25
Caitlin   25
Shena    25
Jameka   26
Shantae   27
Jessica   27
Yvette   27
Kelly   29
Anna   30
Kia   30
Ty   31