Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Client Rejects Abortion, Chooses Life!

A young woman recently visited one of our Keim Centers with the intention of having an abortion if pregnant. Although the baby's father supported her having the baby, that was not enough. She was scared to tell her parents and face their disappointment. And she was overwhelmed with the thought of just beginning a new phase in her life which she was excited about. A baby just did not fit into her plans. Because of these pressures, she felt that abortion was what she "had to do."

After discussing her pregnancy options with her Advocate and learning of the emotional impact abortion may have, as well as fetal development, this young woman decided that she could not go through with an abortion. The couple is now making plans for the arrival of their baby with the support of their family.

Thank you for your faithful support of this life-affirming ministry! Please pray for this and other clients who are facing extremely difficult pressures to abort that they remain steadfast in their decisions to choose life for their little ones.


  1. When i read this article ,it made my day ,to know that a life was preserved & not destroyed,,God will bless this couple.

  2. CPC does a great job of supporting not only the life of the child, but the mother. That is one thing I am most proud of about the ministry! The mother had the fear and we reached her...Thanks CPC!