Thursday, September 3, 2009

Her Next Call May be to an Abortion Clinic

When a woman calls our Helpline, it is critical that someone is on the other end to answer. Most likely, if that phone call goes unanswered, she will hang up and call the next number on her list. Too often, that number will be the local abortion clinic.

Our goal at the CPC call center is to have every Helpline call answered. Often times, just hearing a warm and caring voice is what brings comfort and reassurance to a woman seeking real help and real answers.

We recently received a phone call from a woman seeking the abortion pill. However, after discovering that we neither provide nor refer for abortion, she was grateful instead to find someone to talk to who would listen to her concerns. She came to the Keim Center and found a place of peace. As a result, in spite of her overwhelming circumstances, she has decided against the abortion pill and is now excitedly making plans for her baby's arrival!

CPC's Helpline has become a lifeline for so many women. Lives are literally hanging in the balance. Having a live person to answer the Helpline when a woman calls often means the difference between life and death for one more baby.

We have a critical need for more trained Helpline workers. Please consider allowing God to use you in a simple, yet powerful, way to touch the hearts of women in need. Will you answer the call?

Our next Volunteer Training begins September 15th! Register now and get involved in a life-changing ministry!

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