Thursday, September 24, 2009

LifeChange Changes Lives!

We need your help to meet our goal by the end of the year. CPC's annual goal for the LifeChange campaign is to have 100 participating churches or groups in order to meet our goal of $75,000. To date, we have had 44 participating churches or groups and have already raised $41,684.84! But we need to raise an additional 33,315.16!

LifeChange is a simple and effective way to raise the much-needed
funds that support women and families facing crisis-related pregnancies. Everyone has pocket change! All we ask is that instead of keeping it in your pocket, or spending it, you put it in a LifeChange baby bottle - investing it in a life-changing ministry. Oh, and collect everyone else's pocket change too! When your bottle is full, you're done! Any church or group can easily do this. And children especially love it!

Here's what a bottle of change means to our clients and their children:
  • 200 QUARTERS = one hour of ministry services to our clients
  • 48 DIMES = literature to women about alternatives to abortion
  • 50 NICKELS = one pregnancy test
  • 172 PENNIES = a Bible to those in need of hope
If your church or group has not yet participated this year in the LifeChange campaign, please consider this as a great way to show your support for the CPC ministry and help provide the funds that allow us to continue God's work!

To get started today, please contact Pamela Tanner at, or call 757-410-9703.


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  1. I handed out approx 100 bottles this week at our small church. I have left a tub of bottles in the narthex for anyone who wants one. People are very excited about the concept, and I can foresee it becoming a regular offering for our church.

    As I prepared my presentation, I was struck by the irony of it all. We are filling baby bottles - while the abortion providers have millions poured into their coffers by the wealthiest people and nations on earth. It gave me pause for sadness and grief. But in His kindness, God reminded me that it isn't about numbers, but about our hearts' devotion, love and praise to Him alone.

    Let that be our aim, our focus, and our eternal Hope.