Thursday, March 24, 2011

You Can Be A Rescuer!

Dear Friends,

As a community, we are facing an enormous challenge.  More than 8,000 pre-born children are losing their lives to abortion each year in South Hampton Roads.

Many of you may be overwhelmed by such a grotesque statistic.  Coming to the aid of these children and their mothers seems so impossible that you are not sure what to do.  You may want to quickly give up and do nothing because you believe your efforts would be insignificant … only a drop in the bucket.

One drop will not fill a bucket, but many drops will.  If 1,000 people become sponsored walkers in this year’s Walk for Life, we will accomplish a goal never reached in this ministry’s history, but more importantly, more lives and hearts will be rescued from abortion.

As God has drawn more supporters to CPC, CPC has been able to reach more women. As CPC has reached more women, the abortion trend in our community has reversed and gone down over the last five years. By the grace of God, let’s work together to continue this trend!

Our theme for this year’s Walk is “RESCUE”.  Get it?  U Rescue.  Yes, You!  Everyone can be a part of rescuing moms and babies because everyone can participate in the Walk for Life!  It’s a fun, easy event that is vital to the ongoing work of CPC. 

You can be a rescuer!  Because of God’s work through you in this year’s Walk for Life, children, women and families can be spared from a horrible tragedy. 

We are working through the final logistics of opening the new LIFE-affirming medical clinic in Virginia Beach. One thousand sponsored walkers at this year’s Walk would be a tremendous blessing at this critical moment.  So, come on fellow rescuers, let’s Walk for Life!

See you in April!

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