Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Prayer Focus

PLEASE PRAY   CPC humbly requests that you pray for the following:

NURSE MANAGER FOR NEW MEDICAL CLINIC   At the Walk for Life 2011, we were thrilled to introduce our nurse manager for the new medical clinic in Virginia Beach. Please keep her in prayer. She has begun training that will continue throughout the month as she transitions into her new role. We also appreciate prayers for the rest of our staff as we open this new medical clinic and seek to reach more clients.

CLIENTS COMMITTED TO LIFESTYLE CHANGES   In this Easter season of rebirth, please pray for our clients who have committed to changing their lifestyle. Pray these women and men will believe that God values and loves them, and that they will depend on God to strengthen them and their sexual integrity.

NEW MOTHERS   Please pray for our clients who are celebrating their first Mother’s Day. We pray these moms continue to find joy and encouragement in their new role. Please also pray these women find godly mentors to help them with life skills and parenting decisions.

PRAY FOR CPC’S EXPECTANT MOTHERS & THEIR LITTLE ONES.   Their names* & due dates are listed below.
*Some of the names have been changed to protect the identities of our clients.

Kristina 2
Maria 3
Kalee 4
Michelle 4
Felicia 5
Tiffany 6
Amanda 7
Erica 8
Shelby 8
Ivory 8
Nichelle 8
Kristine 8
Kadie 8
Carla 8
Shaniqua 9
Shelly 9
Neesha 10
Sarah 10
Tia 10
Rachel 10
Alyssa 11
Shannon 11
Debbie 13
Cynthia 14
Kesha 14
Tara 15
Deanna 17
Temple 18
Kristen 18
Sierra 18
Candice 18
Tiffany 18
Jennifer 19
Hannah 19
Kelly 19
Amanda 20
Jennifer 20
Michele 20
Erica 21
Chelly 22
Caroline 22
Jasmine 22
Jara 23
Shawn 23
Monique 23
Traci 23
Angela 23
Sarah 24
Kelly 24
Sophia 25
Kristen 25
Darcy 25
Krystal 26
Temple 27
Olivia 27
Jessica 28
Krystal 28
Cynthia 28
Katie 28
Kimberly 28
Faith 28
Iris 29
Amy 29
Kendal 30
Jessica 30

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