Friday, June 3, 2011

Meet Our Team!

The new Virginia Beach clinic continues to gain momentum!  Here's a quick introduction to the staff team that has been formed to launch the new medical clinic.

Vernicia Eure, Director of Client Services

Vernicia has served on staff for nearly seven years.  She oversees all four locations of The Keim Centers and ensures excellence in daily ministry operations.

The new clinic will be Vernicia's home office for the next several months.  Vernicia is a remarkable leader and we are grateful she is at the helm for the launch of the new clinic.

Jessica Sechrist, Nurse Manager
Jessica joined the CPC family in 2010 as a volunteer, and everyone working alongside her regularly witnessed her love for the Lord and the women she served.  We are grateful she recently accepted the Nurse Manager's position for the new clinic.  Please be praying for Jessica as she continues intensive training.

Lynsey Hickman, Center Manager
Lynsey began her time at CPC as a volunteer peer counselor and soon transitioned into a client services assistant.  Currently she serves as Center Manager for The Keim Center of Portsmouth.  We look forward to Lynsey bringing her experience, passion and determiniation to the new clinic.

This is an incredible team!  We trust that the Lord has brought them together and, as a result, many lives will be saved and hearts spared.  Please pray for them during the next few weeks as we prepare to open the new medical clinic.

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