Wednesday, June 15, 2011

YOU helped RESCUE during the Walk for Life 2011!

For more than a month, our administrative team has devoted tremendous time and energy into tabulating the results of the Walk for Life 2011. When our events come to an end, that’s when their work begins! Pledges keep arriving in our mailbox every day – what a gift! It’s exciting to see so many new friends to the ministry, as well as numerous faithful supporters.

We were truly honored to Walk for Life with so many of you this April. We love spending time with our CPC family! We were also thrilled to share a few moments with some of our former clients. These precious women – Kia, Carolina, Dominique and Denise – chose life for their sweet babies and had the courage to publicly share their story.

Prior to the Walk for Life at the Oceanfront, Kia wrote her advocate to let her know just how much The Keim Center impacted her life.

“I contemplated abortion during my pregnancy, but I had to take time out to think about the life I was carrying and how carrying to term would be beneficial to me, even though I was scared and had no clue what I was going to do. I believe The Keim Center did help me decide to carry full term and parent my unborn.  It was definitely a huge decision for me to make, but to my surprise I ended up receiving so much love and support.  I didn’t know that the first day I came to the center would change my life in so many ways. Although I believed in the Lord prior to coming, I made a decision to be closer to Him.  I needed the love of Him in my life to do what I needed to do. To a woman who may be considering abortion: there have been many in your predicament, but if you can take time to think about your decision and find the support, you can find the strength to take on this huge responsibility to carry and raise this child.  I’m not saying it won’t be hard but with your faith in the Lord and support, believe you can do this!”

These women are just a few of the thousands of lives touched by CPC’s ministry … and the reason we are all working together to rescue more lives and spare more hearts from the tragedy of abortion!

Thanks to your generous support, we raised more than $196,000 in pledges and donations!  Nearly 900 sponsored walkers and more than 160 teams attended the Walk for Life 2011 events, and we are so grateful for this generous commitment to CPC's ministry.  Your support will change lives!

We're already preparing for the Walk for Life 2012, and we're looking forward to get involved in our community with you!

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