Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Special Gifts Help Virginia Beach Clinic Open in 2011

“As church support for CPC goes up, the number of local abortions goes down.”
– Toby DeBause, President of Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater

CPC has not been exempt from the effects of this tumultuous economy. So much so that it appeared the new Virginia Beach clinic was not going to be a reality this year. However, God used many individuals and churches who gave unexpected donations that put the clinic back on track for a June 2011 opening.

In January, Atlantic Shores Baptist Church started a new campaign to raise funds for several of their own ministry projects. However, they decided to give away the first 10 percent collected to other ministries. They included CPC in their “Thank You Jesus” offering with a donation of $10,000!

The following weekend, Liberty Christian Fellowship (LCF) presented a check to CPC in the amount of $40,000! This is the second gift of $40,000 in ten years that LCF has given to CPC. They wanted to give a large gift as they considered investing in a new location for their own church home. LCF is a congregation with approximately 70 people in attendance every Sunday. Toby DeBause says LCF “is the biggest small church in Hampton Roads.”

Also, as CPC was making final preparations to move into the new clinic location, Church of the Messiah gave a gift of $5,000! God had made provision over and above their need for one month and they wanted to give a portion to another ministry.

Praise God for His on-time and much needed provision through His Body!

If you would like to give a special gift of love, please feel free to donate online at http://www.cpcfriends.org/. Gifts received or postmarked by December 31 are tax deductible for 2011. Thank you!

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