Thursday, January 5, 2012

Abortion Providers Charged With Murder

Last week, Steven Brigham, the owner of American Women’s Services clinics, and his employee, Nicola Riley, were arrested and charged with multiple counts of murder after a 16-month criminal investigation by Maryland authorities.  Brigham’s first-degree murder charges stem from abortions provided to five patients ranging from 18 to 33 weeks pregnant.  The initial investigation that began in August 2010 revealed Brigham illegally initiated abortions at a clinic in New Jersey and then completed the procedures at a clinic in Maryland, where he was not licensed.  During the investigation, officers found 35 fetuses in a freezer in Brigham’s clinic in Maryland.
Brigham is being held on $3 million bail in New Jersey and an arraignment hearing is scheduled for Thursday.

Brigham’s American Women’s Services are headquartered in New Jersey, but also operate in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia, including Virginia Women’s Wellness in Virginia Beach.  Brigham's medical license has been suspended and revoked in multiple states, and he does not have a license to practice medicine in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Another abortion provider we reported on last year ( and is again in the news.  Dr. Kermit Gosnell, a late term abortion provider in Philadelphia, was arrested last January and charged with third degree murder for the death of a client as well as seven babies born during the sixth, seventh and eighth month of pregnancy.  His client was from Virginia.  Gosnell has since pleaded not guilty to murder but is scheduled for a capital jury trial in March 2013.

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