Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Volunteer Spotlight: Jean Tippett

·         Volunteer since 2011
·         Serves in Chesapeake
·         Call Center Advocate, Special Events Support and prayer warrior

Jean Tippett serves in numerous areas of ministry and regularly blesses CPC with her eye for solutions and willingness to try new things. Jean quickly transitioned from trainee to trainer, mastering her role in the call center. Her commitment to excellence and heart of compassion enables her to help train new volunteers in this critical first contact with clients. She is dedicated, supportive and always professional. In addition to her valuable role in the call center, Jean and her children faithfully help with special events. The day before this year’s Annual Benefit Banquet, Jean’s family covered each of the 120 tables in prayer. Jean, you are an incredible blessing to CPC, and we are honored to serve the Lord together with you!

Thank you, volunteers, for allowing us to give thanks for you during National Volunteer Week!  Connect with our volunteer coordinator today if you'd like to volunteer at CPC!

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