Friday, January 4, 2013


Dear Friends,

Shortly before Christmas, I sent out a letter sharing CPC's burden of a $150,000 deficit in meeting 2012 ministry expenses. As of today, I praise God as I announce that $81,597 has been given to help with this challenge!! WOW!!!

We started this month being weighed down by the shortfall. However, God has brought relief from so many people. We were also greatly encouraged by the many notes that were sent and all of the people praying.  

A quick run of the math and you know that there is still a need. However, this surge of support will allow us to start the New Year without reducing ministry services and outreach. Also, we are continually working hard to gain more ministry partners to meet ministry expenses. This month we will be announcing a new campaign to multiply ministry partners in order to reduce future deficits. 

It is humbling and faith-building to watch God moving through so many people. I've witnessed His movement often in my twelve years on staff and this is certainly one of those highlights. 

Of course, this means even more to the lives of pre-born children and their mothers. Many little ones will have the opportunity to be born and their mothers will experience Christ's love because of your faithful support of CPC. 

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!



Toby DeBause

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