Monday, March 18, 2013

Letter from the President

Toby DeBause and Jenny "The Jewel" JensonDear friends,

Jenny “The Jewel” Jenson is one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever met. Not only has she been the top walker for the Walk for Life for the last four years, but she has a capacity for love and expressing kindness that is unparalleled by most. She is also a relentless intercessor who will never give up in praying you through any challenge. I am grateful she is my friend.

Jenny’s parents are remarkable, too. Ron and Cherry are in the group of less than ten percent of parents who chose life for their children after receiving a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. I am so grateful the Jenson’s chose life for Jenny or this world would have been robbed of a great blessing.
Jenny "The Jewel" Jenson

Although Jenny has a long-standing hold on the “Top Walker” title, she would gladly give up that title to see someone raise more money than she does. She knows how important the Walk for Life is to pre-born babies and their moms. Become a fund-raising walker and take a shot at Jenny’s title. She would love to see you at one of the Walk for Life events this year. Be warned! If you get too close to her, you will get hugged!

Toby DeBause, President

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