Friday, September 13, 2013

Real Life: LaRoyce's Story

Real Life: LaRoyce and Brielle
LaRoyce and William had two beautiful children, but they were overwhelmed by the thought of having another baby. So overwhelmed they thought abortion might be their best option.

“Before I visited The Keim Center, I was contemplating having an abortion,” LaRoyce said. “I knew abortions were wrong and inhumane, but I couldn’t imagine myself being able to financially take care of a child. William had lost his job and I was trying to finish school.”

“And that was my first mistake right there,” LaRoyce recalled, “being a woman of God and doubting His plans. To be honest, I thought The Keim Center was an abortion clinic assistance program. As I talked with [my advocate] about what they did and what they stood for, all I could do was cry. God was speaking to my spirit about the abortion. [My advocate] started to pray for me and William, and it felt like weights were lifted.”

Then LIFE was revealed!

When I saw my baby on the ultrasound, I knew that everything would work out and God would not leave or forsake me,” LaRoyce shared. “All of my feelings of doubt, fear, depression and shame went away. I felt so comfortable and at home. [My advocate] told me about attending classes to get help with items for the baby and to pray when I felt unsure. I will never forget how The Keim Center changed my life.”

“I’m thankful for God placing this organization in my life,” LaRoyce said. “Words cannot express the amount of prayer and concern [my advocate] has had for me, and I love her for it. I plan to continue to give back and to ask God to help me to walk the righteous path intended for my family.”

Real Life: William, LaRoyce, Brian, Brionna and Brielle
Please keep LaRoyce and her family in prayer. She is currently taking classes to complete her master’s degree as well as preparing to marry William in February 2014. Watch for more of their story in the 2013 client testimony video debuted at CPC’s Annual Benefit Banquet!

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