Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Volunteer Spotlight: Michelle Pemberton

CPC Volunteer Spotlight: Michelle
·         Volunteer since 2011
·         Serves in Chesapeake as Call Center Advocate and Abortion Recovery Facilitator
·         Attends River Oak Church

Michelle Pemberton goes beyond the call of duty of a volunteer without expecting anything in return. She has a heart to serve others and loves seeing lives changed. In addition to sharing her wonderful sense of humor, creativity and delicious baked treats, Michelle joyfully helps wherever and whenever there’s a need. From running errands and setting up information tables to answering helpline phone calls and praying with abortion recovery participants, Michelle shines with Christ’s love.

Michelle, you are an absolute joy and an incredible asset to the ministry of CPC! Thank you for ALL you do!

If you’d like to volunteer with CPC, connect with Lori at http://cpcfriends.org/volunteer.

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