Thursday, March 13, 2014

Real Life: Mecca's Story

Mecca and her son, Emmanuel, are actual clients.
Mecca had just attended the wedding and college graduation of her daughter. When she learned she was pregnant again, she was shocked. Here is her story, in her own words.

“I was looking for something that was familiar to me, like Planned Parenthood, but all roads led to The
Keim Centers. Every free pregnancy testing search I did online, The Keim Centers showed up, so I figured that would be the best solution for me.”

“Upon entering the center, the first thing I noticed was the serenity of the place. It was peace there. Not judgmental. No condemnation. I came to the conclusion that despite not having a sustainable income, no vehicle, just lost my home and had no idea how I was going to recover from a complete loss, I would keep the child.”

“[During the ultrasound, I] watched the baby’s heartbeat and could clearly see all his limbs were there. It was a very emotional time.”

“Once born, the doctor announced he was asphyxiated [and] they showed me a gray baby at the same time. My spirit audibly called out the name of Jesus. He had no heart beat, was not breathing and they did not know how long he had been like that. [When] I was able to see him in the NICU, he looked horrible. I had no idea what to do and asked God for direction. It was what I learned in [Great Expectations parenting] classes that I leaned on for guidance on what to do to help him transition from the hospital to home in 7 days. Surely he is a miracle child, but the God I serve knows all things.

“Initially, I was thinking abortion. I have had several abortions before, so I was very familiar with the process, but in my spirit, I knew it was wrong. In my head, I was screaming abortion ... yet there was another side that was not as loud, that said you can do it. It’s that voice that lead me to The Keim Centers. A place I never heard of and didn’t even know how to pronounce, but I knew this was a place I could go to and get help from someone who had nothing to gain nor lose by my decision.”

Mecca and Emmanuel will join CPC’s Walk for Life at the Oceanfront. Please keep them in prayer.

Mecca and her son, Emmanuel, are actual clients. Their names and likenesses have not been changed. Photography by Tracey Sanders •

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