Friday, March 7, 2014

Walk for Life Fundraising Tips

• Set a personal fundraising goal – the higher the goal, the more you’ll raise! (Put yourself in the place of a friend or family member would you donate more to a friend if his goal was $200 or $2,000? People want to support you and the things you support, so setting a high goal shows ambition, commitment and determination to a cause you believe in!)

• Donate to yourself
– others will appreciate that you are devoting both your time and your own finances.

Contact everyone who donated to you last year – thank them for their gift and ask for their support again. Ask for a specific amount; if they can’t donate that much they will offer what they can.

Be enthusiastic when asking for pledges – let people know their money makes a difference in the lives of moms, dads and babies!

• Start early
– the sooner you start asking for donations, the more money you will raise. As soon as you register, get organized and start asking!

• Personalize
your fund-raising webpage by adding your own text, pictures or video – remember, your potential donors will be interested in the cause, but they are primarily interested in you. Make sure you tell them why you’re getting involved and how you’re connected to CPC. (It doesn’t have to be long.)
Let your donors know their donations are tax deductible.

How to Raise $1,500 in Three Weeks
(Your ticket to the President’s Club Tides Game Outing!)

Week 1:

Start by making a pledge to yourself for $50.
Send out a letter or email to at least 30 friends and acquaintances asking for a minimum pledge of $25. If just half of those contacts come through at $25, you will have raised $375. 
Send a few direct messages to some Facebook friends: 4 friends come through at $25 each. 
Post your fund-raising webpage link on Facebook asking for a $5 pledge: 5 friends come through at $5 each. 
Week 1 = $550
Week 2:  
Ask 5 relatives for a minimum pledge of $25.
Set up a matching challenge! Personally ask a generous donor if he’ll give $100 if you secure 4 friends who will pledge to you for a minimum donation of $25 each.
Ask 5 neighbors to pledge to you for a minimum donation of $20 each. (Last year, one of CPC’s top walkers raised most of her funds by going door to door asking for pledges!
Week 2 = $425
TOTAL = $975

 Week 3:

Ask 5 other relatives for a minimum pledge of $25. 
Ask 8 co-workers to pledge to you for a minimum donation of $25. 
Ask your boss to pledge to your for $50. 
Ask 3 local merchants (like your hair salon, favorite bakery or restaurant and gym you frequent) to pledge $50 each.

Week 3 = $525
TOTAL = $1,500

Don’t forget to follow up on your efforts - some people need a gentle reminder! Remember, the number one way to raise funds is by
personally asking for pledges from the people you know.
It’s easier to ask for a pledge than to ask for money!

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