Thursday, June 12, 2014

Volunteer Spotlight: Matt Shellhart

• Volunteer since 2013
• Serves all locations as Network Administrator
• Attends Cornerstone Bible Church

Matt Shellhart has provided numerous hours of IT assistance in troubleshooting, upgrading, and installing new systems to create a more efficient and secure network. His dedication and passion were evident from the first time he stepped in to help with an IT problem that had the ministry at a stand-still - on his way home from laser eye surgery! Matt has worked tirelessly to ensure that no data is lost, our team has the tools and knowledge needed to handle and maintain our daily functions, and transitions leading toward improvement are as smooth as possible. He often includes his son Aaron to assist him, instilling positive values at an early age. His business model is to save ministries thousands of dollars so that more funds can be spent ministering to others – the epitome of wise stewardship. Matt, you are a gift to CPC!

For more information about plugging into CPC's ministry as a volunteer, contact our volunteer coordinator at

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