Thursday, May 13, 2010

President's Letter

Dear Friends,

Soon after joining the staff of CPC, I met with a pastor who said, “Son, you have a lot to learn about faith”. Obviously, he was not paying me a compliment, but his observation was accurate. He could easily tell that I was overwhelmed by the intensity and challenges of pregnancy center ministry.
Flash forward almost 10 years… the ministry is even more intense and the challenges are greater, but I am not the same person. My faith has been strengthened steadily as I’ve witnessed Him moving and working throughout this ministry.
He penetrates Hard Hearts I have seen Him move in the hardest of hearts. Women, who were resolute in their decision to abort, changed their minds and chose life for their preborn children. Others, whose hearts were equally hardened to the Gospel, have embraced the Hope and Life available to them through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Over 40 moms and 4 dads made first time commitments to Christ in 2009!
He is our Protector We started this year being attacked by a group that does not respect or appreciate the work of pregnancy centers. They helped to introduce harmful legislation against pregnancy centers in the Virginia General Assembly. It appeared that they would have some success. Yet, in the end they were thwarted and pregnancy centers were honored for their work by a resolution that passed in both the House and Senate. Click for Link
He is our Provision It has been challenging to navigate through this recession. Towards the end of last year, donations started to trend aggressively down. So much that we were facing immediate and significant cuts within the ministry. Ironically, as donations were going down, the number of women we were helping was going way up. Last year we helped 26% more women than the year before (see graph below). It is very difficult to consider significant cuts when the needs are growing greater.
On the very day in January that we were going to take action and begin making cutbacks, two donors (who knew nothing of our dire circumstances) made large gifts that made up for the large deficit! Incredible and “right on time” provision from our Great God!

He has even revived the campaign to raise support for CPC’s new life-revealing medical clinic in Virginia Beach. An anonymous donor recently made a significant challenge to our community that could put us back on track to meet our monthly support goals if the challenge is met. So, within a few weeks, this ministry has shifted from being in jeopardy of major budget cuts to moving proactively towards opening the new medical clinic. Amazing!
Regardless of my faith, or lack thereof, He is faithful. I am so grateful for His provision and protection. It is truly by His mercy that this ministry exists. All glory to Him.


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