Monday, November 21, 2011

The Keim Center of Virginia Beach


In 2004, the number of abortions in South Hampton Roads climbed to an all-time high – 9,269 precious preborn lives were lost in that year alone.

The following year, CPC opened a medical clinic, The Keim Center of Norfolk, offering life-revealing ultrasound services. Since the clinic opened, the number of women The Keim Centers serve annually has increased by 165 percent and abortions in South Hampton Roads have decreased by more than 16 percent.

Wanting this trend towards LIFE to continue, CPC began work on opening a new medical clinic in Virginia Beach soon after opening the Norfolk clinic. After many years of prayer and preparation, The Keim Center of Virginia Beach opened on June 6, 2011!


Town Center is located within a Strategic Growth Area – areas carefully defined by the city that are planned to accommodate and absorb urban growth.

We recognized early in our search that Town Center is the most convenient location for women considering abortion in Virginia Beach, and will continue to be an ideal location as the area experiences additional growth. Town Center is centrally positioned, easily accessible, and minutes away from anywhere in Virginia Beach.


Prior to opening the Virginia Beach clinic, CPC had reached its monthly funding goal to sustain this new clinic. However, with a challenge grant set to expire and the loss of support in recent months from the tumultuous economy, CPC now needs $7,500 of committed monthly support.

One hour of ministry costs approximately $50. Therefore, this need equates to 150 hours of life-saving, heart-sparing ministry each month. If you would like to financially partner with CPC's ministry, please donate online or connect with us today.

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