Monday, November 14, 2011

Real Life: Carolina's Story

Carolina and her husband were both serving in the Navy when they first came to The Keim Center, pregnant with their second child and considering abortion. Even though Carolina and her husband had discussed having another baby, they planned to focus on her career instead. After learning Carolina was pregnant, the couple was scared.

Carolina said, “[One of the supervisors] said it really clear – that women in the Navy are not useful when they are pregnant. And we do that on purpose not to go to sea duty. I thought they were going to think that [of me], but I really wanted to go to sea duty.”

As Carolina and her husband focused on the career plan they had created, they made an appointment at an abortion clinic to terminate her pregnancy. Once at the clinic – physically prepared to complete the procedure – the couple realized this was not what they wanted and they left. Carolina came to The Keim Center looking for help.

“During the first session, I was relieved because I was able to say all of the things I was feeling. There was no judgment – not even in [my advocate’s] facial expressions. She was very supportive. She knew the words to tell me to guide me – she never pushed me into anything. She had the words to comfort me and she made me look for my own answer.”

Carolina and her husband knew the best option for them was to choose life for their preborn daughter. She shared the news with her family and employer, all of whom were happy and very supportive of their decision.

After a difficult pregnancy, Carolina delivered her daughter and received ongoing support from her advocate to work through the feelings of guilt about her initial decision to abort. Carolina’s husband continues to serve in the Navy, but she is now pursuing a degree in the medical field. God has become an integral part of the family’s life.

“I believe He is the one that made me find The Keim Center. [My advocate] was the perfect connector between Him and I.”

Carolina and her daughter, Jazmine, are actual clients. Their names and likenesses have not been changed. Photography courtesy of Tracey Sanders.

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