Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Deliberate Ministry

Pastor Stacy Potts, Cornerstone Bible Churchby Pastor Stacy Potts, Cornerstone Bible Church

Every few years, a new buzzword comes across the scene of American church culture. In the past, we’ve had contemporary this and purpose-driven that. Today, one of the more popular buzzwords in ministry is the word deliberate. Now, generally speaking, I’m not a big fan of these kinds of buzzwords, but after visiting the Virginia Beach clinic recently, there’s no better word I can think of to describe it than deliberate. From the moment I walked in, I was blown away by how every single detail had been thought through and planned out with deliberateness and ministry in mind.

First, it is situated in one of the most vibrant and heavily trafficked areas in Virginia Beach. By being located in the Town Center area, the clinic is within easy access to, literally, thousands of high-risk women. Second, God led CPC to what has to be the most perfect office space in that bustling area. In God’s providence, CPC was able to find an office surrounded by lush greenery and a gently flowing stream, all within sight of the Virginia Beach skyline. The natural tranquility surrounding the clinic is the perfect setting for CPC’s ministry. Third, the office was laid out and decorated with women in mind. Being a man, I’m not overly qualified to speak about such things, but if I had to use one word to describe it, I would call it chic. It was the kind of place my wife would love. Each room had been carefully decorated and furnished so as to make the young women CPC is trying to reach feel at ease. This was nowhere more visible than in the ultrasound room. Between the soft lights, warm decor, and flowing stream just outside the window, I can’t think of a more tranquil place to see the sight of life for the first time. In all, there is no other way to describe this space other than by saying that it was deliberately designed with ministry in mind.

And yet, ultimately, we know that neither location, natural beauty, nor decor will change the heart of anyone. The only thing that can change hearts is the Word of God applied by the Spirit of God. And thankfully, even in this, CPC is deliberate. The beautiful rooms I saw were never intended to draw attention to the decor, but were intended to provide a comfortable place where faithful volunteers could speak God’s truth into the lives of hurting people. The location wasn’t chosen for convenience, but out of desire to spread the life-affirming message of the gospel to as many people as possible. And to me, this is the deliberateness that matters most.

Cornerstone Bible Church in Virginia Beach is a JMZ 1:27 church.

Has your church taken the JMZ challenge? See the list at www.cpcfriends.org/jmz127!

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  1. Amen! May the LORD reward the diligence of His children in a mighty way this year!