Monday, October 1, 2012

Letter from the President

Toby and Dylan
Toby DeBause with Angela's Son, Dylan

Dear friends,

I promise, I’m not simply repeating myself. It actually happened again. Marking the SIXTH CONSECUTIVE YEAR, the number of abortions performed in South Hampton Roads dropped again in 2011*!

This is great news! After serving a record number of women last year, we were praying for another overall drop in abortions. We have this confident and hopeful anticipation because we know that lives are saved when LIFE is lifted up.

We witness this in CPC’s Keim Centers where LIFE is lifted up to women at risk for abortion. These women are learning about the awesome and marvelous work of God taking place inside their wombs. They are literally seeing, through our ultrasound services, their children who are growing inside of them. They are also being introduced to the author of LIFE himself, Jesus Christ. As a result, new births are happening both physically and spiritually.

There are more, but at this point in the year, we know of at least 363 pre-born children who will have the opportunity to be born because of God’s work in the hearts of mothers helped through this ministry. Some of their mothers were at one time intending to abort them or considering abortion before their visit to one of The Keim Centers. For some of these children, their fathers (and even some grandparents) were pushing their mothers towards aborting them. A lot can happen in nine months so we continue to pray, serve and lift up LIFE to these mothers and families. We praise God they are on track towards LIFE today.

Keep LIFE up and abortions down!
As encouraging as it is to see abortions drop in our community, it is also sobering to consider that 7,603 pre-born children did not escape abortion last year. Years of moving in the right direction should not tempt us towards complacency now.

There are still too many lives lost every year.

CPC’s Keim Centers have already served more than 1,200 women so far this year, which is an 11% increase compared to this same time last year. We are working harder than ever and spending thousands of dollars every month in advertising and outreach to help even more.

Now, more than ever, we need our community to help us. If we want abortions to continue going down, we must keep lifting up LIFE. I hope you are as encouraged and challenged as I am by this report. God is moving! 

Let’s keep it up!
Toby DeBause, President of Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater


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* Virginia Department of Health, ITOP report 2011

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  1. Great news Toby! Praise God! Appreciate you brother..

    Carol Slaughter
    Executive Director
    Little Life Pregnancy Center, Danville, VA