Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Why Get Involved?

Pastor Edwin L. Goodwin Jr.
Why does your church commit to financially supporting the ministry of Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater?

I was invited to my first banquet years ago by a colleague and I’ll never forget the passion displayed by CPC’s president, Toby DeBause, in his defense of the unborn child.

It’s really great that a ministry exists totally in support of the rights of unborn children, to whom God has graciously entrusted to our care! As the bride and body of Christ, we are Heaven’s representatives of values and principles – we are said to be “the pillar and ground of truth” (I Timothy 3:15) in His absence. It is our responsibility and deepest desire to champion the cause of rescuing our children from the modern day Pharaohs and Herods.

As a Pastor, it’s great to have Christian resources available to assist with caring for God’s people in their times of crisis. CPC is a welcomed resource to assist with the growing number of women faced with unwanted or untimely pregnancies.

The godly counsel and Christ-centered care provided to these often wounded and confused young mothers who are being bombarded by voices of the world is unmatched!

Alpha and Omega Baptist Fellowship in Portsmouth, VA is a JMZ 1:27 church. Learn more at www.cpcfriends.org/jmz127.

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