Monday, April 15, 2013

It's Personal

Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater's Walk for Life 2013
We are so grateful for our fundraising walkers and their commitment to help moms and their pre-born babies by raising funds in this year’s Walk for Life.  The ministry of CPC depends on this event to continue its mission to save lives, spare hearts and further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Because you are in this with us, we wanted you to know about a challenge we are facing.  As of today, we're only aware of $44,375.25 raised so far in pledges and donations. Our goal is $250,000, which is critical to this year's budget.

It’s personal.
The number one way you can help is by personally asking for pledges from the people you know.  Call your friends.  Ask your neighbors.  Go to the small groups you are involved in.  Send a personal email (see template at  And when you do these things, ask these people to make a pledge of any amount to sponsor you as you Walk for Life.

It’s easier to ask for a pledge than to ask for money.  You don’t have to collect money.  Simply write the pledge amount, name and address of the person making the pledge under “BILL ME.”  Click here to print an additional copy of the fundraising form if you need it.  Turn in your completed form at the Walk for Life and we will mail a pledge reminder to your sponsors.  If you’ve recorded donations and pledges on your fundraising website, you don’t need to duplicate them on the form.

Facebook is a great way of letting people know you are Walking for Life, but very few people experience success at getting pledges by only posting on Facebook or other social networks.  Nothing beats a personal invitation from you to support this great cause.

GOD is using YOU to SAVE LIVES!
Again, thank you for being a Fundraising Walker!  By personally asking for pledges, you are helping CPC reach its Walk for Life goal and keep CPC’s LIFE affirming pregnancy medical clinics and resource centers open and available at no charge to women and families in Hampton Roads. 
For LIFE with you,
Katelyn Palko, Outreach Coordinator

Katelyn Palko,

Outreach Coordinator

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