Monday, April 8, 2013

Volunteer Spotlight: Ida Compton

Volunteer Spotlight: Ida Compton

• Volunteer since 2008

• Serves in Chesapeake with Life Support Services

• Attends First Baptist Church of Norfolk

Ida Compton is an invaluable part of our team of volunteers, demonstrating a true heart of service. She serves selflessly, responding to a last-minute request or even going so far as to plan her family vacation around projected needs. She serves sacrificially, working 8-10 hour days back-to-back during busy seasons without complaint. She serves demonstratively, often drafting one or more of her children to help. She also serves with excellence, taking initiative to ensure all work is done accurately, completely, and to the absolute best of her ability. Ida is a joy to know, and a blessing to the ministry!

If you are interested in joining CPC's volunteer team, connect with Lori today!

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