Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WFL Spotlight: Deep Creek Baptist Church

Deep Creek Baptist Church promotes CPC's Walk for Life!
It's been so exciting to hear what the local body of Christ is doing to spread the word about CPC's Walk for Life!

Deep Creek Baptist Church in Chesapeake is teaming their youth and adults together in a creative way. During Sunday School, the youth are visiting the adult classes to share about the Walk for Life and ask if the adults will help them raise funds.

With the adults' help, the youth are taking their church above and beyond the 7 Walker Challenge - what an awesome example!

As you may have noticed, we still have work to do to reach the goal of 1,000 fund-raising walkers - we need your help now more than ever! Continue asking others to become fund-raising walkers with you and encourage them to register online at
There are two Sundays left until the final Walk for Life event. If you need additional resources to help promote the walk, let Katelyn know today!

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