Thursday, May 22, 2014

Generations of Giving

It may not have been their initial intention, but Alva and Susan Yoder have created a legacy of LIFE.

When the ministry of CPC was still getting started in the 1980s, Susan gave of her time by cleaning offices and even brought her oldest son with her to help stuff envelopes during bulk mailings. In time, the Yoders became LIFEkeepers – committing monthly financial support to help women and babies when they need it most.

Aside from their church, Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater is the one ministry where Alva and Susan feel 100% confident donating.

And this confidence stretches beyond their immediate family unit. As the Yoder’s seven children have been getting married, Susan is most happy to see her adult children and their extended families embrace LIFE, forming a new generation of families who are supporting CPC with their time as volunteers and with their finances as LIFEkeepers.

“We are so grateful to CPC for their commitment to being the Father’s hands and feet,” said Susan’s daughter, Jessica. “It’s truly such a blessing CPC has allowed us to share in, and become a small part in the work to preserve and uphold life. It’s awesome to see the work God is doing through them, and His using of them as an outreach of love to the unborn.”

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